Monday, May 06, 2013

Paris. Vannes. Rennes. Nantes.

This week.
Let me break it down for ya.
Monday: P-day in Paris.
Tuesday: Legality in Paris and the reunion of all reunions with Soeur Judd.
Wednesday: May Day. Everything was shut down because it's France where literally every other day is a public holiday so we just contacted people at the port the whole day & then had a mangez-vous with my Tahitian less active soul sister who I love and has the most adorable children.
Thursday: District meeting and EXCHANGES with Soeur Miller...qui veins de TEXAS. more on that in a moment.
Friday: Exchanges and train ride back to Nantes to pick up Soeur Grewar & then work
Saturday: Weekly planning & work
Sunday: Church & work
So needless to say we didn't get as much done last week as we would have liked. But regardless of all this. Vannes is COOKIN. Soeur Grewar and I are quite the team. I love my little Aussie so much. She is teaching me heaps.
Side note: We found Veggiemite at an African market. I can't say I hated it.
Okay soooo....
Yesterday we walk into the Chapel and a member walks up to us and asks us if we can come over to FHE at her house next week because her best friend is interested in the church and wants to meet us. "Oh sorry, no we are way to busy porting and running people down on the street, maybe next time." NOT. I actually teared up. Our branch is too good to us.
THEN our District President pulls me to the side and tells me that he's been waiting for missionaries like us and gives us like 7 contacts and tells us that he wants to have a big missionary party thing and invite all his friends. He also gave us a huge package to go take over to his less active daughter so that she was forced to meet us. Then today he invited us to go to the District activity with him and his family next week.
THEN THEN THEN. Cherry on top. WE FIND OUT THAT A NON-MEMBER 14 YEAR OLD GIRL HAS BEEN COMING TO CHURCH THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE HERE. I thought she was a member. Basically her Dad joined the church about 7 months ago with her 17 year old sister. The mom was investigating too and I actually don't know if she ever stopped or if it was just because we got transfered in. (Vannes was not the most organized area in the world when we got here) Anyways, we are eating dinner and teaching the family on thursday. PRAY FOR US.
Other than that Madame Pierre is progressing. Okay to be absolutely honest this lady is kooky as kooky gets, but she is also golden as golden gets. I love her so much. We went and visited her on Wednesday and it turns out that she has read all the way through 2nd Nephi in the BOM. She was talking all about the Nephites and the Lamanites and it was blowing my mind. She really wants to come to church but she doesn't have a car and said she wouldn't be comfortable going with a stranger. So next lesson we are bringing a member, bien sûr. Here are just a few of the other phrases that came out of her mouth that literally made my jaw drop: "you two are just like angels" "I'm an insomniac but ever since I read the BOM I have slept for 7 hours a night" "I want to come to church" "I feel like I've always known you girls". I'm literally sitting there smiling so big. Here's the catch with her though. She talks and talks and talks and talks. And we try so hard to teach her, but she doesn't really listen to us for more than like 10 seconds. So what we do say to her is super bold, but it's really tricky to actually teach her anything. We are praying to figure her out. She also gave us the names and numbers of all of her children so we are going to go visit them this week and see if they can help.  
But yeah. The Church is true.
Okay so exchanges were SO SO fun. Soeur Miller was great and we drank DDP and ate Mac and Cheese and talked about how much we loved Chicken Express and Sonic. But the best part....
So we go over to visit Winona our less active with the boyfriend. (She is SO 16 it kills me) We get there and Winona is back in her room so we are talking in the kitchen with her mom. All of the sudden I look over at their little yorkie dog and watch it HIKE ITS LEG and pee all over Soeur Millers foot. Her. Face. PRICELESS. Soeur Le Divenach saw the pee, but didn't realize that it had actually peed all down Soeur Millers leg.  It was one of those moments where you can't laugh because poor Soeur Le Divenach already felt so awkward that her dog just peed on the floor. But I almost DIED trying to hold it in. When she ran to the other room to get a mop I literally laughed so hard I almost peed on the floor. That visual will stay in my head for the rest of my life. Soeur Millers face. Hahaha. Im laughing so hard writing this just thinking about it.
Oh by the way. I can kind of sort of speak French, so that's weird.
Alright times up. Love you all. Thank you for the letters and packages and constant support. Y'all keep me movin:)
Je vous aime!
    Soeur Johns
tower d'eiffel

sup Eiffel Tower

Soeur Grewar and Moi

jumping for joy!

The Arc

Notre Dame

Just two little Texans noming on some DP and Mac and Cheese

We are clearly not from around here

My face after eating Vegemite