Monday, August 19, 2013

"Actually I think I'm Mormon"

Y'all's letters this week made me laugh so hard. The man next to me is giving me the stink eye. My goodness I miss you people!!!! 

MCKENZIE ANN. WHAT THE. You're going to college this week. I am going to die. I feel so weird about this fact. Seriously though you are going to love BYU. That place changed me for the better, I know it. 

AUBS. Sophomore in high school. Please stop. You can't keep growing up on me while I'm gone. It's  just not right. 

Liège is beyond words. 

I'm learning about 5000 new things a day here about missionary work, about the Savior, about how to be a better companion, about what I want out of life. Spiritually I haven't been this at peace since the MTC. Soeur Foster and I are just going and going and going. NON-STOP. I really KNOW that you are the happiest when you are working and doing what you're supposed to be doing. And man, am I happy or WHAT? I can't even tell you. This kind of inner peace is priceless people. Seek it. 

This week was really crazy because we had to spend all day on Tuesday in Brussels for my legality and then Thursday we had a branch picnic and after we were quarantined in our apartment because there was a huge Fête in Liège where they just give out free alcohol to everyone (welcome to Europe). But we still managed to see a butt load of MIRACLES. 

Joycley is our star player right now. She is SO awesome. We were at church this Sunday and someone came up to her and asked her what religion she was and she replied, "Well, I actually think I'm Mormon." Hahah. Smiled from ear to ear. I challenged her to start the Book of Mormon from the beginning and she is in 1 Néphi Chapter 4 as of yesterday. She calls us at least twice a day to ask questions about the story line. It's amazing to watch her testimony grow. She is always taken aback by the new information we teach her, but after she prays she knows it is true. We had dinner at a members house last Friday and taught the Plan of Salvation. Coolest experience of my life. Mom, dad, get those missionaries over to our house to teach. I know that lesson blessed the families lives as much as it blessed Joyce. Ah, love that lady so much. She is such a solid investigator and I know that when she gets baptized she will be in this for life. 

We are still teaching all of the other people from last week but I KNOW that you forgot all about them, so I'm not going to bore you with updates. Just know that they are all doing GREAT, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, and I love them. 

We did have a really cool miracle this week. We met this lady on the street and she told us that she had had a friend who was Mormon, but he moved to the states. Right before he moved though he had given her a Book of Mormon. We asked her if we could come over and explain the book to her and why we have it and she said YES. Thank you Mr.X.

Yeah, I love this place and my comp. Soeur Foster is an inspiring human being. We work so well together, teach so well together, and we are learning so much about ourselves together. We are both super independent, so we have really had to work to have unity. We've both had to get better at communicating and not assuming what the other person is thinking. We have had to LET each other serve each other, which is like pulling teeth for both of us because we both would rather just mind our own. I really have a testimony that when two people grow closer in their relationship with God, they grow closer in their relationship to each other. The Lord was so beyond inspired to put us together. These are the kinds of lessons I know we will both be using for the rest of our lives. 

Y'all all is well. I love each and everyone of you beyond words. 

Paix and bénédictions, 

Soeur Johns