Monday, March 17, 2014

scott, laura, and steve

Another week for the books.

So much to say, so little time.

Let's start with Scott Michel, the son of Catherine Michel. We met with him for the first time without his mom this week and it went awesome. He is a super timid kid, so every time we meet him with his mom she just talked the entire time and we could hardly get two words out of him. When he came to institute a couple of weeks ago, he was more than happy to be talking with people, but you could tell that he was feeling a little uncomfortable. In the lesson, he was still pretty quiet, but was so much better. He is still good for his baptism on the 29th of this month, and we have all of our teaching appointments booked out with him until then. It's a miracle. We taught him in the visitors center in Paris about the Restoration! I always love when people not only accept the fact that there is a prophet on the earth today, but are excited about following him. Scott really is so golden.

Also, we have been meeting with this crazy less active who is turning out to be the BEST missionary ever!! This Sunday she brought her neices and nephews to church. Her niece LOVED it asked if she could be baptized!! We set her for the 12th of April and are going to teach her and her brothers this Saturday! She is already signed up for Girl's Camp, and I gave her one of those cute personal progress holders you sent me mom!! Her name is Laura, and she is a GEM.

I just have to tell you about the highlight of church this week. Meet Steve. Picture this. A big African man in bedazzled jeans and a skin tight polo with the collar popped. Swags into Gospel Principles on Sunday where Elder Mosely asks him to introduce himself, in French, and he just says "oh boy, I don't speak French. But my name is Steve. Good morning everyone" and sits down. Then in the middle of the Sacrament I look over at him and he has his arms crossed and his stunna shades on. Best part. During one of the talks, Steve's phone goes off...Lil Wheezy's Fireman. He doesn't know how to turn it off, so he just holds it down against his leg until Elder Moffit grabs it and turns it off for him. I sure hope he comes back.

We also met a cute family this week that was a referral from church headquarters! The mom is named Virginie and her sister is a member in New York. She lives in an actual house and has 3 beautiful daughters! For the first lesson we basically just sat down and got to know about her beliefs. She is Catholic, decently practicing. And she reads the bible every single day. She is really anxious to know more about the church.

Ah, I am just so excited about all of these people!! The Lord has done nothing but bless us in St.Ouen.   

Tout mon amour, 
Soeur Johns