Monday, November 18, 2013



another week gone by. that one went crazy fast. 

okay, so i'm writing this from a sketchy saudi-arabiaesque internet cafe right now and the space bar hardly works, so excuse me if this is kindof short. 


monday and tuesday of this week we had exchanges, so i was in bruxelles again with the lovely soeur bracken. we had a blast together and saw so many miracles. 

then this weekend we had a mini-missionnaire!! her name is sariah scheurch and she is a member from liège who is preparing for her mission, so she received permission to stay with us for the whole weekend and be a missionary!! it was so incredible! seriously, she taught ME so much, and it was just a joy to have her. i cried when she had to leave us. 

...and but its okay because we went and taught her how to ice skate today in preparation for the young adults activity coming up next week. it was so much fun. come to find out soeur hilton can do crazy jumps and spins. it was nuts. hidden talent. 

also, we found a tex-mex restaurant and it was glorious. 

okay besides the point. 

otherwise, this week was a lot of finding, which actually resulted in not a lot of finding. 

that family is just waiting for us, i know it. i really feel like this coming week is going to be miracle packed. 

stay tuned, k? 

love you all more than words can describe,
soeur johns 

 us with our mini missionnaire

 soeur scheurch 

 moi et ma girlllll

 look at all those mormons on that bus 

p-day christmas festivities

me and the comp

 sariah and soeur hilton 

WAIT DOES THAT REALLY SAY TEX MEX?!!!!!!!!!!! tell me you're hungry. 

that is the first burrito i have tasted in months. so good.