Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the great and spacious building

this week was crayyyy-zayyyy.

for you faithful readers, i'll give a play by play. everyone else can just scroll down and look at the pictures. haha.

monday. just p-day shenanigans nothing too crazy because everything 
was closed for Easter Monday. then we went and met with Kate. She is from Ohio! It is so weird to talk with someone from America. The way she looks at life and God and Jesus Christ is so different from all of these people over here. She has so much faith and it was wonderful. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon. Her main souci is that everytime she reads the BOM that verse in Revelations that talks about how you "can't add anything to book" pops into her head. Nothing our
boy Holland can't fix. We gave her his talk called "His Words Never Cease" which responded perfectly to this concern. We talked to her about how while it is wonderful to have logical responses to her questions the only real way she can know the truth about it is from God himself through prayer. She agreed to pray sincerly to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and assured us that she is willing to act if she feels right. She just moved back to Ohio this week, so we are going to keep in touch through emails and we are sending the missionnaries her way. On verra!! I have high hopes for her. She is a REALLY cool person, so open, and so fun. I vote Kate for next General RS President.

tuesday. district meeting. we have the cutest senior couple in our district who I am obsessed with. after that we went and taught Nina. She acts exactly like a member of the church. Her mom is a member of the church and so is her 17 year old daughter. She told us that she knows that it is true and that she wants to get baptized, the only thing that is getting in her way is that she is scared to talk to her husband about it. However, she agreed to let us come over and have a lesson with him all alone (and a member obvi) and let us ask him if she could get baptized. It's a really strange situation cause I don't know why she can't just ask him herself, but at least we are getting somewhere. She has been meeting with the missionaries for 7 years and I just think that it's about dang time. After her we passed by a
really lovely african lady named Telma, she was a little drunk, so we set up a RDV for tonight. We'll see where she goes.

wednesday. we helped move a hoarder. which I vow to never ever be. when we came home for lunch I threw away like half of our apartement just because the lady who was moving wouldn't let us throw away anything and I just had to get it out. haha. The rest of the night was porting and then we visited a less active in the ward who has throat cancer. She has it rough right now and it hurt my heart so bad. I was so greatful to be able to be there for her and help her feel of Christ's love.

thursday. Ahh, I loved thursday. All we did was find the entire day, but it wasn't in vain! we didn't have anything fixed, but it turned out to be our best day! love when that happens. the day before we had seen a huge apartement building and dubbed it the great and spacious building and decided we were going to port the entire thing this transfer. it is kooky people central, but we have already found 4 new people to teach and we haven't hardly even touched it. One lady came to the door entirely naked. that is an image I would love to forget. At the end of the night we ported into this man named Kevin, he was pretty wasted, but we managed to have a decent conversation with him anyways...more about him in a minute.

Friday. helped with the move again, planned for the week, then went back to the GSB (great and spacious). We were let in to sing for this African lady named Nanoo and her 11 year old daughter and her friend filmed it on their ipad while laughing at us. hahah. youtube sensation say what? At least Nanoo was awesome, we are going back to see her next week.

Saturday. We were ready to get out of da ghetto, so we decided to go porting in the chic-chic neighborhood and you know, try to up the tithing. JK, too far? We met some really lovely people and had some great conversations, buttttt no one was really interested. Then we had a great lesson with a new ami named Rachel from Congo and I have high hopes for her.

Sunday. Kevin showed up at church! I was so shocked. He was asking the greatest questions and the Elders are going to start teaching him. Yay. Other than that the 12 year old sons of one of our amis showed up to church by himself. He has a friend in the ward, so we are going to start teaching him with that family if his mom is okay with it. We have a Sunday routine where we go over to the Barnjack's, pray with them, and then go port in their nice neighborhood. On the way over there we were caught in a hail storm and showed up to their house dripping from head to toe. They are the sweetest things. The mom made us hot chocolate and tea and blowdried our coats dry. Their daughter is in the process of taking her big exams this week that basically determine the rest of her life, so she is stressing hard. Poor thing.
We took down all of the times and are praying for her each one. Then we went off and ported for a while. Then we passed back by Monique and gave her a hymn book! Her friend was there who plays the flute and we sang with the two of them while she played a million hymns. Ahh, so amazing! We invited her to come to church the week that we sing and she agreed! :)

Overall it has been an amazing week. I love my companion to death. And Rouen is a beautiful place. I love being a missionary.

loves, soeur johns

on the way to the move with the elders. raining, normal. pants, not normal.

district meeting

my best friend, Rose..i made her some heart lunettes! too cute for wordsss!!