Thursday, June 26, 2014

feeling blessed as usual

Ah sorry I don't have a ton of time today... this one will be really short.

Just know that i am so happy here. Miracles are everywhere. Rouen is the best ville ever. and six weeks left does not feel real or right. I refuse to believe it and I'm not just saying that to seem hardcore. I really love my mission more than I can express and am not looking forward to the end. ah, but at the same time I am SO EXCITED to see you and run until my legs fall off. It's a true dilemma.

Also I forgot my planner. which means that it is going to be nearly impossible for me to remember what happened this week, but I will do my best.

Well lets just start with the best part of the week. Yesterday at church. We have been having a rough time getting our amis to church, but yesterday they CAME. and they all absolutely loved it. Eric even brought flowers to put on the pulpit. Ludivine was also there. and Milady and her three kids. and Teclaire. the members were wonderful with them.

The hardest part of the week by far was saying goodbye to the Poznanskis. I love them so much and cannot even say how much they have taught me. They are incredible. and we got to hug president at the end!! always wanted to do that!! haha.

ok...that's all I got for this week! I love you all so much. If I have time tonight before p-day ends I will send some pictures!

xoxo, Soeur Johns