Monday, February 10, 2014

you'll wear those all white clothes, you'll look incredible

hello my dearly beloveds.

this week was cray cray. the stars are really aligning over here in st.ouen.

the miracles of the week…

catherine michelle is getting baptized on saturday! it's really happening! she is just the cutest and most prepared ami in the whole world and I feel so blessed to have been able to meet and teach her. this week we taught her about fasting and tithing. between that lesson and the next one she had already fasted AND set an envelope aside with her tithing money in it! she is one of those people who does not waste time. when she knows the lord's will, she does it immediately. i really look up to her so much in that way! also she is pretty much the most popular person in the ward. we hardly even got a chance to talk to her on sunday because all of the members just adore her.

at Noah's baptism one of their family friends, adrienne, came up to us and asked us if we could come over and teach her and her son. that happened this week!! adrienne was a little less than interested in what we had to say, however, her son Eric is AWESOME. he is about 19-22ish, and he had literally 15454321424 questions for us. great questions too. he grew up Christian, but then as he went to school he started noticing that the Christians he knew didn't really live their religion, but the Muslims did, so he thought that they must be right. sad. but basically he expressed to us his deep desire to follow the plan of God and learn more about him, and that He was willing to follow any path as long as he got a confirmation that it was true, and that the people were honest and practicing. hello, the mormons. & he came to church the next day and really liked it!!!

Therize is progressing wonderfully. We had an awesome lesson about repentance this week and the spirit was so strong. she is so willing and ready to change and start fresh. and, she already considers the church her church. so that's awesome!!

we taught Audrey about the word of wisdom on exchanges and she was already living it!! she is so prepared! she is moving back to the USA for 3 months, so we are sending her information back to the elders over there. i think she will get baptized during this time and I am so so happy!!

other than that….

we met with madame bernard and she invited her BAPTIST preacher to join us for the lesson. yeah, literally tried to rip apart all of our beliefs and bible bash with us. i do not know where the satisfaction in trying to prove two young american girls wrong comes from for a 80 year old man, but it was interesting enough. it reminded me of high school and all of his points of debate were nothing i hadn't heard before. I refused to get into it with him and just testified and invited him to read the book of mormon to know for himself that it was "false scripture". yeah, i don't think we've got a taker...but it's really just his loss.

yeah basically, that's all the exciting news for this week. other than that i finally found DOUBLE STUFFED OREOS and ate the whole box in one sitting. well whoops. it was my kick off for 6 months to sexy, okay.

well y'all, I sure do love ya. keep it classy.

bisous, soeur johns

Perfect Day!