Tuesday, August 27, 2013

refiner's fire


Okay the Elder's just walked in and one of them died his hair carrot red...this is why there should never be 4-man elder apartments...yikes. 

This week has been HARD. 

Every single one of our ami's dropped us, except Joycley, but she didn't come to church and we are struggling to know how to help her. Soeur Foster got really sick. AND we had to be quarantined in our apartment AGAIN yesterday because there was another huge fête with free alcohol. I'm living in straight up Babylon. 

I do not know HOW because the powers of hell are combining against everything, but somehow I still feel like all is well. I'm at peace. I'm happy. I know that I am being obedient and loving the guts out of these people even when they don't GET it. I'll never give up on finding and helping these people understand what Christ has done for them, even if nothing comes of it. 

But yeah, there really isn't much exciting news from this week. Sad. I know, but it's really okay. I know weeks like this are just shaping me and helping me become more of what these people need, and what God needs me to be. 

Joycley is doing okay though. She has been letting a lot of doubts come in and it's really sad to see. Seriously pray for her. She knows this is true, she is just really scared of the change that this is going to make in her life. Yeah, it's not easy to be a Mormon and to always have to be standing up for what you believe in, but it's worth it and so many people do it, because it's TRUE. We keep the commandments, follow Jesus Christ, and claim with convincing proof that we have the priesthood authority to organize, baptize, and confirm in Christ's name, it's so sad that the world that we live in cannot just accept that and respect us. 

Alright that's enough soap-boxing for one letter. I hope y'all are all doing great and that everyone is having a wonderful start of the school year!! Especially you KENZ. Get em cougar. 

Love you all SO much. 
Soeur Johns

NBD. David Guetta was dropping outside my apartment last night. 
If I wasn't a missionary I would have gone. 

One of our ami's has a guinea pig. Sick nasty. RIP Dorito.