Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Day Another Dollar


Hi! So this week has been really normal MTC life. Which I still love, don't get me wrong, but I am getting to the point where I am REALLY excited to get to PARIS and teach real people about all of this! Which is a tender mercy in and of itself because the past two weeks anytime I would think about actually being in Paris and teaching I would break into hives, okay dramatic not really, but I would get super anxious and worried about my French, but this week I hit the point where I am comfortable enough to just be like THROW ME IN THERE IM READY TO GO. I am so grateful to have these next three weeks here at the MTC though. I still have bundles to learn and I really do LOVE this place. I have never been able to recognize the Spirit so constantly in my life. It is amazing.

Okay also, I started the Book of Mormon over again. Kay, confession I always loved reading my scriptures before the mission, but it was really hard for me to just sit down and take them striaight (chapter by chapter). I think that is pretty normal. Right? Well this week I have started it over again looking specifically for Missionary Work, Faith Building Principles, Promised Blessings, and Christlike Characteristics. Y'all that book is the word of God. I can testify completely of that. I have never loved reading it more in my life. My faith and testimony of Christ grows every single day as I read it. So COOL. Ahh.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah our district started speaking only French on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and next week we will go all in and speak only French for the two weeks before we leave. It really is amazing how much better my French gets when we speak it all day. I am constantly amazed by how fast my district is picking it up. GOT babyyyyyyy. But really the Lord is so in this it's unreal. Work out time is a tender mercy when we are speaking it all day though cause your brain just hurts so bad by 7. Its nice to just run it off and not think about it. Oh p.s. one of the girls in my district is a big runner and we are still going strong. Her name is Soeur Holmes. Easily one of my favorite people on the planet. I'm SOOOO SOOO glad we are in the same district. Oh, also we had our first TRC this week. Which is basically where you teach a member of the church a lesson on any gospel principle. It's really nice because they aren't pretending to be an investigator, its just them. So basically you just go and give a spiritual thought in French. Easy enough. The spirit was really powerful in one of our lessons which was GREAT. The girl we were teaching and my companion both cried. I just smiled as usual, but hey I've just come to accept that that is my way of feeling things. Still not the most emotional person in the world. haha.

Oh yeah and I think I had Bronchitus this week. hahaha. It was not fun. AT ALL. Really miserable actually. Ain't nobody got time for that. But. hey I made it through. My wonderful companion's Mom had Bronchitus the week before she left, and then on day two she got it, and since then everyone in our district was just dropping like flies. I went to the doctor here and they told me to gargle salt water.......my throat wasn't even sore.....so dumb. So I just bummed meds off of everyone in my district and slept all day on Friday, which I hated cause I would have much rather been in class. But I am all better now. I still occasionally cough up a lung in the middle of Sacrament meeting when it is dead silent, but no biggie. REALLY.

BON ANNIVERSAIRE this week Kenz. The Big 1-8. I CANNOT BELEIVE IT. Watch out world.
Also Rachel! I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day!!! I wish I could be there! AHH you are going to be the most beautiful bride in the WORLD.

Well that's all I have time for today!! Keep it classy people. I love all of the letters I get. They put a smile on my face toujours, chaque jour (all day, everyday).


Beaucoup amour,
Soeur Johns

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