Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready or not here I COME!


I don't know if y'all know about this, but I leave for FRANCE in less than 6 days.
What, what. what. what.

I don't think there's another person on the planet who is more excited about something right now. I can't beleive it has already been 5 weeks! Time flies...and goes sooooo slow all at the same time.

No literally, nothing new happened this week. My french has improved. Still love my companion, oh and if her family is reading this THANK YOU FOR THE CAFE RIO. It was still hot. I nearly shed a tear I was so happy. People like you need to happen more often.

But really the MTC has been great. Thanks to the MTC:
I know that 10 laps=1 mile. 
I know how to wake up at 6:30 like my life depends on it.
I know how to live off of PB&J's. 
I know that P-day means a really sore right hand.
I know how amazing it feels to get a little colored slip of paper at dinner aka package slip.
I know how to find joy in "shopping" for BOM's and scripture marking pencils. 
I know how to respond everytime someone says sister. 
I know how to hold the door open and expect thank you in at least 6 different languages you've probably never ever heard of.
I know that it's actually normal to start harmonizing to a church hymn with the girl next to you in the bathroom stall.
Oh and I know how good it feels to be in the bathroom alone.
I know how to refer to the white handbook if I have a question about what I can or can't do.
I know that every letter I send needs at least 10 stickers on the back. 
I know what phantom text messages feel like. 
I know that there is nothing more disorienting than leaving your watch in the residence. 
I know how to call the place I live my "residence". 
I know that Sunday and Wednesday are ice-cream days and that you better get it before your meal if you want graham canyon. 
I know that to get a good seat at devo you have to a) go to choir, no thanks, b) stand in line for an hour, or c) know somebody. 
I know the anticipation of walking to the temple and looking in every single car to see if you know them. 
I know how sister's care less and less about hair, makeup, weight, shaving, etc. 
I know what it's like to spend 16 hours a day with 18 year old boys. 
I know how amazing it feels to get a letter. 
I know how hard dear elders are to open without ripping in half.
I know how many treats people's mom's send them and how it is impossible to not gain weight. 
I know how weird it is to see BYU from the track in 18M and hear the bell tower when I'm walking around outside. 
I know how to forget I'm in Provo...until that happens.

Oh and I know more about the Gospel than I've ever known in my whole life. I have been able to feel the love of God greater than I've ever been able to feel in my whole life. I AM SO GREATFUL that I am here.

& I am SO SO SO grateful that this isn't it. That the best part is what lies ahead. Those people in France really don't know what's coming for them. I already love them so much. I can't wait to be there, speaking their language and teaching them about all of the things that make me so happy. I can't wait to watch lives change. AHHHHH. I wish you could see my face right now. Can't wipe this smile off.

Well y'all. I hope I still hear from you when I'm across the big blue. My life is not real!!!

The Church is true. The book is blue.

Maintenant et à jamais (Now and Forever),
Soeur Johns

-Oh and Miss Ellen Skidmore, I formally accept your invitation to be pen pals. My first letter will come from France though, because I think that would be much more exciting for you.

-Oh and Mom, this is the WORST, but my Fleur de Lis ring fell off my finger somewhere...:( I have checked the lost and found a couple of times and I'm going again today. Dumb.

Okay and almost forgot to tell you about my travel plans. I'm so over on time right now, ehhh last p-day YOLO.
I leave from the MTC on MONDAY at 1:30. So we get to the airport at 2:30ish and our flight doesn't leave until 5!! So this is when I will be calling you. Kay here's the deal. I know how bad you are at answering the phone, but you HAVE to because I bought a calling card, but if I call two times and noone answers it uses it all up. I will call the house, but tell me if I should call another place. Count on a call around 4:30 your time. Crazy. I also plan on getting a large DDP and Cafe Rio salad at the airport in case you were wondering. So yes, our flight leaves at 5 and it's direct to the CHARLES DE GALLE airport in PARIS. I'll arrive there at 11:15 in the morning. What up.
We are counting down through pics...10 days left

NINE days

EIGHT days

SEVEN days
Somehow my companion's mother snuck us some Cafe Rio last night. We were in straight up Heaven. It was wonderful!

My soeurs, Love them so much!

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