Tuesday, June 25, 2013

La Nouvelle

I just experienced my first TRANSFER EMAIL MONDAY 
Let me just try to paint a picture of what just went down....
speed walk down our street
take the bus to the internet café
RUN up the stairs
throw our bags on the floor
click on Google Crome 13 times
13 pages open at once. seriously
log onto myldsmail
sœur grewar starts yelling at me DONT YOU DARE OPEN IT TILL IM ON
I'm staying in VANNES.
BUT I got a new companion!  
For realz though my heart rate hasn't been that high since the MTC mini track  
Her name is Sœur Garret.
She's a red head She's been on her mission for a while.
That's the only thing I'm going off of right now.
I'm so excited. Change on missions is inspired. SOOOOO SOOOOO INSPIRED.  
That's all I got to say about that.
I'm so excited to show Sœur Garret all around Vannes and meet everyone! We have such a perfect week planned out too, A bit of everything... lessons, dinners, rebroadcast of the leadership training, branch activity, and FINDING. yes.
Back to last week...
Paris and Belgium were perfect.
I got to eat goufes (waffles), frites, kebab, AND belgian chocolate and see BRUXXELS with some of my favorite people in the world aka. mes MTC sœurs.
It was so great to be reunited. They are ALL seeing BAPTISMS. 
Side note: Here's the reason missionaries love baptisms:
Not so they can send a picture home and say they got one.
Not so they can impress other missionaires.
Not so they can feel like they did something right.
Because if an ami gets baptized that means they PROGRESSED. They gained a testimony of the BOM, they came to Church, they are living the commandements! They have CHANGED. And not only that but they have entered into a sacred covenant by a saving ordonnance. That's what I want for every single person that I love. That's why baptisms are such a happy happy thing. "Happiness is only real when shared" Right?
Anyways...I am so happy for my MTC Sœurs. I just want the same thing for my amis. And I KNOW I will see some this transfer. I can feel it.
Other than that nothing too crazy happened. just the daily grind. I really am going to miss Sœur Grewar. She is an amazing human. I know she is going to finish her mission strong! This has been such a growing time for the both of us. :)
Stay tuned. Miracles are about the HAPPEN.
Love you ALL so so so so so so so so so so so so so SOOOOO much.
I can't say that enough.
Love, Sœur Johns

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