Monday, June 03, 2013


This week was just bursting at the seams with miracles again! Details will have to wait till story time 2014, but en brief:
1) Found a lady this week who had taken the missionary lessons a while back. Why didn't she get baptized?!! Cause the elders told her that Country Dancing is forbidden in our church. WHAT? Naturally HF had to send her a Texan to resolve that concern once and for all. She came to church this Sunday and we're seeing her this week to figure out when she wants to "follow the Example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority..." hahah. MIRACLE, right?
2) Mbey family is progressing so GOOD! We went over there this week with Soeur Bouaka (mother's day phone call family) and she became friends with Mamma Mbey right away and got her to stay and hear the lesson for the first time ever!! We testified of Christ and the Spirit was SOO SO strong and Mamma Mbey was "Amening" everything we were saying. She even opened up to us and told us that she was having problems with her 15 year old daughter and didn't know how to handle them. It was so awesome. They told us they would come to church as a family...which they didn't do...but i'm not giving up on them. They are SOO ready for the gospel in their lives.
3) Our District President gave us the address of his sister in law a while back and we finally got in touch with her last night. Coolest lady EVER. She's Buddhist and loves the earth and her house is the most perfectly decorated little french do I even describe her? Let's just say I found Aunt Julie's long lost french twin. Ahh she's just the best. She knows English but wants to get better at it, so she told us that she wants us to come back once a week and talk with her and she will speak English and we will speach French and we will help each other out with our accents and such. I'm SURE I will have many stories for you about her.
Ahhh Vannes is such a good area!! I thought I was going to rot away here, but now I never want to leave!!! And the sun finally came out this week and I don't have to wear a coat, which makes me feel a little more like myself. It is SO beautiful here...I feel like I'm walking around in the pages of a fairy tale!
Y'all I really love this. My companion is the best. We see miracles every day. Heavenly Father always puts the greatest people in our path.  and I'm 100% certain that I am supposed to be here. The French culture is changing me.
Okay not changing me too much. :)
TOUT LE MONDE ME MANQUE! aka miss y'all.
Je t'aime,
Soeur Johns
écriture of the week: proverbs 3:17

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