Monday, October 28, 2013

je n'ai pas tous mes frites dans le même sachet

I'm staying another in Liège with Soeur Hilton!!!!! 

I am so happy. I did NOT want to leave Liège in the slightest. 

There is just way too much good going on right now. 

And I really wanted to have Thanksgiving with my favorite American family that lives here. 

So beyond happy. 

This week has once again been one of the greats. 

Soeur De Walle came back to church after 32 years!! She is just the cutest little thing in the whole world. & She is so determined to never fall away again. The members were so warm and welcoming and I was just so beyond thrilled to see her light up again. Seeing less-actives re-discover their testimonies has got to be one of the most rewarding things to witness. She also brought her 5 year old great-granddaughter whose mom is atheist. I loved teaching her about Jesus and how to pray and can't wait to have my own kiddos one day. ONE DAY. Breathe Dad, I still got 9 months en mission. :) 

Gigh is really too good to be true. I dare to say, THE most golden investigator the world has ever known. We taught her the plan of salvation this week and she loved it. 

Just some things that came out of her mouth...
"Wait this was a CHOICE to come here to earth, that makes so much more sense." 
"I know up in Heaven I was like 'Hey God, give me as many trials as you want, bring it on'"
"That makes me so happy to know that we don't just stay Spirits forever after we die. We don't just float off into nowhere in peace, that sounds boring" 
"Can I have some more of those pamphlets to give to my friends?"
"I think I'd like to serve a mission one day"

Then she came to institute. Which was DEEP MORMON DOCTRINE 101 this week.  We talked about Christopher Columbus and the BOM. Where it could have been located. Patriarchal blessings. Temple endowment. Baptisms for the dead. Exaltation. You name it.  I was practically not breathing the whole lesson, but in the end it worked out. Gigh being the angel that she is, had about 56646546 questions, but 0 doubts. I am taking NOTES on this girl's faith. It's impressive. 

Oh and on top of all this. She came in 2nd on BELGIUM'S NEXT TOP MODEL this weekend!! She showed us the pictures yesterday at church and was like, "oh yeah, he works for Dior, he is the newest face of Louis Vuitton, he designs for Gucci, she walks for Prada..." And SHE came in 2nd out of 800. She is walking in a show in New York next month. We're going to find her a chapel to visit over there, no worries. She will be the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by then. 

Other than that this week has been a lot of finding. 

We did get let in while we were porting to teach a Jesuit and his wife. THAT was an adventure. His name was Serge, and he reminded me SO much of another Serge I know. :) It was such a fun lesson and we are going back next week to see them again. It is an absolute miracle whenever someone lets us in their door. 

President also came to our District Meeting this week and told us to "FOLLOW THE PLAN" to find a family before Christmas. I was in a pretty sour mood at first because someone jacked my camera with all my mission photos out of my bag on the metro. But President is so cool and always finds a way to pump me up. I KNOW we can. I know if it is going to happen anywhere it is going to be here in Liège. Souer Hilton and I are ready to DO IT. 

Quote of the week: 
Italian lady on bus, "Yes actually, I have a Mormon friend! He liked his mission so much after the first year that he decided to stay for two!" 

Well I love y'all. & I LOVE hearing from you. 
Mom & Dad have a BLAST this week zip-lining across Puerto Rico...
meanwhile I'll just be converting the whole fashion industry to Mormonism.  

Tant d'amour, 
Soeur Johns  

P.S. We have this CRAZY less-active who we meet with and this week and when she was talking about how crazy she is, she used the expression: "Je n'ai pas tous mes frites dans le même sachet" I laughed forever cause it was just SO BELGE. "I don't have all my fries in the same bag." Hahaha. I love it here. 6 more weeks of this, I'm blessed.  


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