Monday, December 09, 2013

from the ghetto of belgium to the ghetto of paris


the transfer email just came through and...i'm leaving Liège and going to st.ouen to serve with soeur francis! so stoked. i've heard that st.ouen is the ghettoest ville in our mission, so that means 2 things: humble people and muslims. yayyyy. 

but it happens to be right in paris, which means that paris p-days are about to HAPPEN. i'm looking forward to that just a little bit.   

i am really sad to leave Liège. these people are just the GREATEST EVER. really. ah, i really wish i had the words to describe to you how much these people mean to me, or how much fun i've had, or how hard i've laughed, or how many crazy things i've seen, or how much spiritual progression i've watched, buttttttttttt I don't, so sorry. 

seriously though, nadine and her golden family are still golden. gigh is still the coolest and most inspiring ami ever, joycely had her interview yesterday to receive her patriarchal blessing, and literally all of our less actives bore their testimonies at church. the spirit is doing some good work on these people. I feel so lucky and extremely blessed to have been here to witness it. i know that Liège is at it's tipping point, and the soeur that is coming here is one lucky duck. 

not only is she getting the best amis but also the best companion EVER. seriously, soeur hilton is just an all around super star. i just adore her guts out, and have learned so much from her. 

y'all missions are the best. the absolute best. i have 0 regrets about deciding to serve, or the mission that i have had. just 100 percent at peace.  

soeur johns  

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