Monday, December 30, 2013

happy 2014.

First things first.

KENDL. bearded with a surf board. no you dinnnnt. you are an inspiration to us all. 
BROOKE. babe. you're married. maybe my first thought when I woke up Saturday morning was, "It's not too late". I'm just so glad Kenz caught that bouquet for me.
The happenings of this week. 
-I ate foie gras. TWICE. aka. you force feed a duck until it's liver explodes and then you eat it's liver. yummmm. but really, if you know me you know I can pound through anything, but that was hard to choke down. I also ate caviar, oysters, sea snails, shrimp with the eye balls, quail, and cooked prunes, and more. These french people are just too fancy for their own good. I could really have just gone for a good ole' Taco Bueno tamale.
-I was able to sleep in on christmas morning! best present ever. I woke up at 6:45 and literally forced myself to turn over and go back to sleep. I made it until about 8. It was glorious. We get to do the same on New Years. No complaints.
-Seeing you was THE BEST. Naturally I thought of about 10301930 things I wanted to tell you after we hung up. but it's chill. Mothers Day is in 4 months. not counting. but I am. I am so greatly blessed that I was placed in our family. Y'all are my everything.
-JIMMY is still going strong for the 11th! We had a lesson on the word of wisdom this week, and in his words, "coffee makes me too nervous, tea is nasty, smokers smell bad, and every time I've been drunk I've regretted it." that solves that. He even told the bishop to announce his baptism in church. He is super prepared. :)
-From Thursday to Sunday we ported, contacted, and the likes with the general response of "on a pas le temp, nous sommes EN FAMILLE" translation: no. But it's okay, cause I had a beautiful Christmas anyways and I really felt the love of our ward, our amis, my wonderful comp, and heavenly father. 

Sorry this is so short, with no pictures AGAIN...this internet café is ghetto. Just know that I love you. I'm doing so well and that GOD loves us all. Let's make 2014 the best year of our lives. Deal?
okayyyyy byeeeeeeeeeeee.
Kales. (Soeur Johns)
Also, I saw the Louvre today. That was rad. 

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