Wednesday, March 05, 2014

man quiche

short one this week, sorry. 

so basically, this week started great. then I got the stomach flu and/or food poisoning (could have been related to the "man quiche" the elders made for district meeting).
the main points: 
-scott, the son of Catherine Michel, came to the institute FHE with us on monday night and loved it! he stayed even longer than us and all of the people there flocked to him and made him feel so welcome. i don't think the members even understand how much we love them when they do that. 
-Alicia received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and bore her testimony on Sunday. She was glowing. 
-Catherine Michel told us that she was super busy and that she couldn't come to church on Sunday. I was so worried and just thought, "thus it begins", but then at the beginning of Sacrament she walked in. She told me that she was sitting at home and thought, "do I want to be clean this week?" and decided that she needed to make the sacrifice to come to church! TRUE CONVERSION! 
-Soeur Hosking printed off a life sized photo of my face looking very disapproving and put it on a Popsicle stick, now anytime I do anything ridiculous she holds it up and says "soeur johns does not approve". Such a crack up. 
-Soeur Hosking had her Paris legality and is now LEGAL in FRANCE!

now that we are all rested up. Soeur Johnsking is ready to take down this ville. this week is going to be full of miracles, I am entirely convinced.

love you a bunch. 
Soeur Johns

she is such a gem

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