Monday, May 05, 2014

pioneer children

FIRST OFF, GIGH WHO WAS ON BELGIANS NEXT TOP MODEL GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! I just got the news from Soeur Hilton and I am freaking out!!!! I am sooooooo happy for her!!!!!!! This feeling in my heart just cannot be put into words. 
This week we did a lot of finding, without finding a lot.  

But it's okay because in the end we found a really perfect, cute Madagascan family and we have already seen them twice and I just KNOW that this is what they are looking for. 

Fun facts/happenings. 
1. The buses and metro were shut down on May day so we literally walked 10 miles in the rain.
2. Tuesday night we decided to pass-by a family who the sisters had met a couple of months ago. In their information it said that they had gone on vacation but would be back in April, so we were very hopeful to find them. No one answered when we rang their sonnerie, so we decided to ring some of their neighbors to see if they were interested. As Soeur Berge was in the process of talking to a man through the sonnerie, a woman walked up and I began to talk with her. I explained to her what we were doing and asked her if we could come in and pray with her. She was hesitant at first and began to say no, but then Soeur Berge came up and introduced herself with a big smile on her face and the women couldn't resist. She let us enter into her home and share the message of the Book of Mormon with her. The Spirit was so strong, and while she continuously told us that she was not willing to change her religion, she assured us that anytime we are in her neighborhood she would love to hear more about our message. 
3. Wednesday night we had about 20 minutes to spare before good ole 9 oh clock. We realized that our only option was to contact in centre ville. We prayed to be able to find a quiet road and started talking to everyone. After a while we stopped a girl on the road and began talking to here about the resurrection of Christ. She was very touched and interested. We then asked her if we could take her on a tour of our church sometime, and she responded "Why not right now?". We happily led her over to the church, which happened to be about a 5 minute walk away, and took her on a tour of the church. The Spirit was so strong and we invited her to church for Sunday. She said she couldn't come this week, but that next week she would love to. 
4. There was a boat race in Rouen this weekend. Closest thing to nascar that your going to get over here in France. 
5. Our branch president blessed his baby in church this sunday so we had 50 extra people in the branch AND a big "break the fast" afterwards. It was so FUN and YUMMY. 

Ah, it really has been just a GOOD week. 

Love y'all,
Soeur Johns 
Beautiful Rouen

Here's a picture of us with our friend Cassie. She is going to Temple Square leaving in August! Keep your eyes open Ems. 

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