Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out with a bang?

My FAVORITE feeling as a missionary is to realize why you were inspired to do something. And this week has been FULL of those moments. 

So remember Ludo? The man who got baptized a couple of weeks ago. Remember his wife? Well we've been teaching her and we honestly weren't even sure if it was going anywhere. She is really hard to read and has said about a million and a half times that she doesn't need to get baptized. Wellllllll...this last week we went over and taught her the Plan of Salvation. At the end she looked at us and asked, "Soeurs, why is my heart on fire every time you come over here?" Wait excuse me what did you just say?. Speechless. We explained the Spiritand how it testifies of truth, and she knew that's what she was feelin. We explained that she could always have that feeling with her with the gift of the Spirit after she was baptized and asked her to pray and ask God if that was something she needed to do. We're going over there today right after this to see what happened!!!! I just KNOW that she will get baptized and be a STRONG member of the church for the rest of her life. I feel it. This Gospel has already blessed this family more than words can describe. 

Ready for the next miracle...
SO picture Soeur Garrett and I in a room of 4 huge Africans screaming about the Bible in Pigeon English. Meet Donald. He's an African from Cameroon who looooovveeeesssss the bible and knows it pretty well. Eric, (one of the recent converts) introduced him to the church and he set a baptismal date (supposed to be last Saturday). But lately he is having a hard time accepting the Book Of Mormon because he had "never heard in his 30 years of life that Jesus Christ appeared in America". Last week Soeur Garrett and I went over to Felicia's house to commit Joy, Eric's wife to get baptized, and Donald was there. You still with me? Well once we get there Donald starts telling us all about His doubts about the Book of Mormon. Felicia, Eric and Joy who all have really STRONG testimonies of the BOM start screaming about it and bible bashing hardcore. Soeur Garrett literally had to stand up and call them to order. Hahah. Then we both bore really simple testimonies of how we had prayed and knew that the BOM is true and that it goes along with the Bible. It was crazy how the Spirit in the room changed. Donald agreed to pray about it and come to church the next day, and Joy committed to baptism! Donald came to church and ended up having another huge problem with how the gift of the spirit isn't automatically given to everyone on earth who has faith. Luckily...Miraculously...I have felt really inspired to read the New Testament lately and was able to show him a couple of scriptures that talked about the Spirit being given after baptism by the laying on of hands. He took it really well and just kept saying "Sister I tank you". He will be getting baptized really soon. 

Okayyyyy one more...
Last night we went over to the Mbey's house and taught the Plan of Salvation and Masc committed to baptism. Their family has still never been to church, but I could see the countenance of Frère Mbey change as he heard his son express his desires to be washed clean. We basically begged him to bring Masc to church and he agreed. 

From opening with no Area Book to a full agenda and 4 baptisms, the Lord has USED us here in Vannes. 


Transfers are coming up next Wednesday and it might be my time. And by might I mean I'm pretty positive I'm outta here. Half of me is SO SOOOOO ready to leave because Vannes is feeling a little too much like home and it's getting harder and harder to contact. The other half could literally spend the rest of my mission with these ami's. Words really cannot express how much I love them. This week has been a really funny lesson for me on timing. I have no doubt in my mind that the next missionary who comes into this ville will see 4 baptisms in the first couple of weeks that she is here. I've been trying really hard not to think "why couldn't these people just have been prepared just a LITTLE bit earlier so that I could see them through to the end?" It kind of breaks my heart. I'm coming to terms with being the missionary who found and taught them, and that someone else will be the missionary who gets to see them into the water, but man I just want to be here for it so BAD! Obviously there is a lesson that I needed to learn through this, I'll let you know when I figure it out. :) 

Anyways, I love you all SO much! Emily I cannot BELIEVE you leave so soon. Keep an eye on your mailbox, mmkay? Jenna I cannot believe that you are learning SPANISH now. You are in my prayers every single time. Ask my comp. Hahah. Newport sounded like a blast and it was so fun to see all of the videos of everyone. #classicJS...& Happy birthday DAVE, you old man!!!! That cake was too good to be true. GDYUP. hahahah. But seriously y'all outdid yourselves. & I cannot believe FATHEAD is home from his mission. That blew my mind. And that everyone and their MOM are getting married or pregnant! EVERYONE PLEASE PAUSE YOUR LIVES. k thanks. 

Love you all toooooooo much. 

Soeur Johns 

P.S. As I was looking out the window on the train yesterday going to Rennes, I had the craziest realization that I'm beginning to not feel like so much of a stranger anymore in France. It felt completely familiar to be sitting on a train riding across the country side. Who am I? 

 this mangy animal would NOT move out of the road

the mission has done great things for me right?
taking matters into my own hands
 the carrots in Rennes. 
 I'm gunna miss this. 
One day we were just DONE, so we rode the tourist your judgments. Ride of my life. 
if you EVER want a good laugh give a room of French children warheads. (We taught the young-men/young-women on Sunday) 

how COOL is this? Soeur Berthelin in our ward was baptized by Mitt Romney!!!!! I heard about this and naturally called her and made her bring all of her letters to church. And you know what, Mitt's French really wasn't that great either. But I do have a lot of respect for how well he keeps up with his converts! 

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