Tuesday, April 15, 2014

soeur johns had a great fall

THE MOST JAM-PACKED WEEK OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. We did not have one normal day this week, no not one.

On Monday night we had our usual FHE with the Tomadon family. Everything was going great and then all of the sudden I looked down at my watch and realized that it was already 9:30...they live a solid 45 minutes away, and on top of that we had the Mulhouse sisters staying at our house. WELL WHOOPS. Turns out the Mulhouse Soeurs had called our district leader because we wouldn't answer the phone and we live in ratchet St.Ouen, so naturally they were worried about us, and then our district leader called us and we didn't answer our phone, and so they called the zone leader's who called us and we didn't answer and then they all went into uproar assuming that we had died. Well, we didn't. We made it back alive and restored the peace in the land.

Tuesday was our Sister's Conference. Aka. all 70 something sisters in our mission gathered together for a special conference with President and Soeur Poznanski. I was thinking that it was going to kind of be like the General Women's Meetings in the church where they were going to spend all day telling us how wonderful we are and how we can't beat ourselves up and how we are a force for good in this world. Well, it was that. And so much more. The morning started with a spiritual pump-up where they broke apart the song "As Sister's in Zion" and talked about all of the special things we bring to the mission field. Then, it got crazy. After we ate a delicious lunch of chicken salad croissants and chocolate macaroons, we broke apart into three stations. Crafting station...where we made picture frames and embossed cards for our amis, Make-up station...where a professional make-up artist taught us how to clean our skin and do our eyes for the nighttime, and Clothing station...where Soeur Poznanski taught us how to accesorize and then gave us free reign on jewelry, scarves, bags, sweaters, and clothing that members from all around France had donated. Haha. It was just ridiculous enough to be the greatest thing ever. My favorite part was how much President looked like a fish out of water in the sea of screaming soeurs. Le pauvre. He sat in on our make-up lesson and the artist told him with kind of colors would go best with his skin tone. It is just a manifestation of his love that he even allowed this day to happen. I really love those two people. They are so wonderful. That night we taught Therize and she cried when I told her that I was leaving. That woman will be a member one day. I have no doubt about it.

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. We have this RM in our ward named Ovoh who got back about three weeks ago from her mission to England. She has been our third wheel since the day she got back and has been showering us with people to teach. Which means that we are obviously OBSESSED with her. Well, on Wednesday morning we went with her to visit her sister who is going through an extremely hard and depressing time in her life right now. On the way over there we walked with a beautiful woman named Francine and were able to teach her the whole restoration, pray with her, and set up another RDV. I don't really want to go into details of the actual RDV with her sister, but it left me feeling so sad. Not because her situation got me down, but because her free agency is holding her down. Sometimes I just want to make people's choices for them, but then I remember who's plan that was. I do know that Ovoh was inspired to bring us over there and that she will be blessed for following the Spirit. Right after this I had a total...kales moment. Walking in the gare in Sarcelles...and I just eat it...and fall head first down an entire flight of stairs. Did I scream...yes. Did it hurt...yes. Do I wish I had a video...yes. haha. I really felt like angels were protecting me though because despite a sore back and neck for a couple of days and a few scratches and bruises I am almost back to normal, and it didn't stop us from having a great rest of the week. I'm not going to lie though, I had a freak out that I was going to get AIDS because Sarcelles is so sketchy. I pretty much took a bath in hydrogen peroxide. Felt so right.

Thursday I said a heart-wrenching goodbye to Catherine Michel and the Lubanzadio girls. i don't think I have ever testified so hard in my life. I want them to stay so strong in the church more than anything else!!! I know they will!!!

Friday morning I get a call from President asking if I would mind having a sister stay with us who had just gotten back from her mission to Singapore. She wasn't going to be able to get released until Saturday, so she needed some companions for the day/night. Little did I know that I was going to be meeting one of my favorite people on this planet. Soeur Pettitt. Let me just tell you about this girl. Her mom is from Switzerland, her dad is from New Zealand. She was born in America. She grew up in France. (hence speaking perfect English and French, no accents) and just got back from her mission to Singapore where she spoke Malay. From our day with her I can just tell that she was one of the most amazing missionaries to ever grace this earth. I was so inspired by her! And so sad to see her leave. Basically, we are spending P-day with her today. Haha. We had the most amazing miracle ever too. I won't go into super huge deats, cause this is already a novel. But basically we found the most beautiful Armenian family who were baptized over there 4 years ago, but have never been to church here!! They lived right across the hallway from our ami Doris and we knocked on their door looking for her!! I feel like I was being trained this week on how to be an awesome RM.

Saturday morning we sent Soeur Pettitt off in the car with her parents to go get 'released' ...which was so trippy. Then we had like a million lessons. Akossiwa and her family are coming along so solidly!! She has a testimony of Joseph Smith!

Sunday we showed up to church and President and Soeur Poznanski were there for their granddaughter's baby blessing. It was so fun and a little stressful. They met Catherine Michel and Scott and it was so fun to be able to introduce them to Therize and the Moundayas! The rest of sunday was pretty chill.

BREAKING NEWS. The family that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago that we found is GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! ON THE 29TH!!!! I feel so blessed!!!! My mission is so PERFECT!!!!!

Also on the news front...I am being transfered to Rouen. The capital of Normandy. I will be serving with Soeur Berge. I have only heard good things about her, AND she's from the South. I am beyond excited!!! I was just told that you can see one of the largest cathedrals in France from the window of our apartment and we live on the Seine river. Our address is: 39, quai du Havre 76100 Rouen. I'm most likely dying here, soooooo write me or sometinng. Soeur Hosking will be serving with Soeur Hafen. She is from my MTC group and such a sweetheart. They are going to light this place on fire. I am so sad to leave my baby girl, but I know that she has BIG things ahead of her.

Ah, man. Long one today. I love y'all so much. I am so excited to be seeing you soon :)

Bisous, Soeur Johns


Even President and Elder Harward have helped us !!! They were so pleased doing that 

All the beautiful gifts coming from the members of 2 stakes and 3 wards of our mission for the missionaries !! We thank them so much !!!

Displaying all the gifts from the sisters of our stakes for our missionary sisters !

Training by the sister training leaders

Sister Harward and sister Prince preparing a beautiful buffet and healthy food.

Cards and Frames!

Here is a picture of some of our great sisters, the picture in white and black has been taken some months ago, before their mission. During our sister training they all met again and we took the same picture (almost the same ... you notice the elder behind is missing !!! )

General Conference

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